This Is What We Have Done


Oriental Mission Church in Los Anageles. CA

​(동양선교교회. 로스엔젤레스. 켈리포니아)

This Korean church is located in the city of Los Angeles at the heart of Koreatown. It has about 700 members of congregation and been growing by now. We made a huge difference in video systems for the church during the summer of 2017. 

Birchman Baptist Church in Fortworth. TX

(​버치맨 침례 교회. 포트워스. 텍사스)

This church is located in the city of Fortworth, Tx and has been there for quite long time. This church has a huge congregation and has kept growing by now with the people from many different national backgrounds. We have installed not only broadcasting systems but also audio systems for this church back in the early 2017. 

Ga-Sung Church in Seoul. South Korea

(가성교회. 은평구. 서울 대한민국)

This church is located at the heart of Seoul, South Korea and had just moved to a new location when they asked us to innovate their new facility. We installed all the broadcasting, audio and lighting systems for the church in the early of 2018.